Here at Couple of Mugs Coffee quality is our main driver. Quality of product and quality of service.


Our vision as a company is to establish our brand in the local community and provide top class service in doing so. We also want to give back where we can. You can see these updates on our social media pages. Longer term our aim is to grow the business with additional units and become a bigger player in the coffee market. For now, we are really enjoying providing this service to the Drumcondra area, in the Ierne club, who also have great facilities for people interested in sports and social events, and are loving the relationship we are building with the locals around Dublin 9. We hope for anyone who hasn’t come down to visit us, that they will very soon!

About the couple of mugs

Four local lads from the surrounding Dublin area founded Couple of Mugs Coffee in 2021. We are; Niall, Gavin, David and Cillian. Our aim here at Couple of Mugs Coffee is to service the local community and coffee lovers with a premium product. Our coffee blend has been chosen carefully to ensure we are best in class. We have partnered with Coffee Perfection, who have 15 years’ experience in the coffee industry and supply some premium locations around Ireland. Our tasty treats have been carefully selected from a number of food suppliers to ensure that not only do we have the best treats in the market, but we have a range to cater for everyone, in any mood, at any time. 


Currently we are trading Wednesday to Friday 8am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm Social media is where we engage with our customers most. This includes; an insight into how we operate, updates on new products, and any general updates. So be sure to check us out and give us a follow! Come to visit us to experience our coffee and treats as well as the friendly service we provide. Hopefully we will see you soon, The Couple Of Mugs Coffee Team ☕☕


Why not bring your companion ? We have plenty of green grass for your dog’s to play and run around